Fine Art You Can Invest In

Do you love art and ready to invest in some pieces but confused as to where to start? Limited Edition prints may be right for you. Prints are images that can either be unlimited or limited edition.


Unlimited prints can be images such as posters or open edition prints. This means that the image will be printed constantly to meet the demands of the buyer. They are considered more low-end and less valuable than their limited counterpart. Posters of art work with the museum name on it are a good example of unlimited prints.


Limited edition prints are images such as; screen printing, lithography, and etchings that are produced in a certain number and that will usually be indicated by a stamp or certificate that acknowledges that, i.e. 1/200, 2/200. These prints are more valuable because less of them exist and they are usually made by hand. An Ansel Adam limited edition photograph or Andy Warhol screen print are examples of the type of print you may want to invest in.

Appraisal and Brokerage Services

If you are interested in having your prints appraised or have prints you wish to sell, The Breus Group is a wonderful place to inquire what they’re worth. Contact them for more information about your fine art today.

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