The Value of a Sports Signature

Avid sports watchers are the most diehard fans out there. That is why play autographs and sports memorabilia are not only collectible but valuable. Remember that not every autographed item will be worth money.

There are a few factors that determine whether or not the item will be worth a profitable amount of money. The player, the condition of the item, and if it is certified are what will determine its value. If the player is well-known, for instance, a Jackie Robinson baseball will fetch a high price because he is known and an influential player in baseball.

The condition of the autograph is important. If not taken care of, autographs can begin to fade or the item itself could have been damaged in some way. That will cause the value to dip as buyers want an item in as pristine condition as they can get.

If you were unable to properly certify that the item in genuine, then you will lose the interest of serious buyers. Nor will you be able to get your asking price from the remaining buyers.

Autograph Appraisers

If you need to have your sports autograph appraised, seek the expertise of The Breus Group. For additional information, peruse our site or contact us at (408)660-7071.

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