Ways to Identify Your Book as a Rare Book

Gorgeously bound books with hand painted art can look great on your bookshelf. They can also be very valuable as well. Before you rush out to an appraiser with all of your books in tow, there are some things you need to know. Not every old looking book is a rare book, there are some criteria your item will need to qualify.


You may want to do some research prior to appraisal and identify the author and the work. If they’re a popular author and the title is hard to find, then you may be in luck. From then on you’ll want to check this other criteria.

  1. Edition- First edition books are highly collectible and valuable. More so if the novel was changed in subsequent editions.
  2. Illustrations- Special edition books with extra artwork or illustrations done by important artists or the authors themselves would elicit much excitement from an appraiser.
  3. Condition- Collectors want things I the nicest condition possible. While a book may be classified as rare based on the other factors discussed, if it is battered, the price will drop.

Ultimately, supply and demand play a crucial role in whether a book will be considered rare or not. A book may be rare but not valuable simply because no one wants it. If you believe you have a book that’s worth a gander, contact The Breus Group. Theyspecialize in appraisals of rare documents, art, and books.

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